Australia-China Joint Research Centre for Energy

The Australia-China Joint Research Centre for Energy will develop advanced energy technologies for improved energy security and reduced CO2 emissions from both countries.

The Centre will act as a major platform for science and research collaboration between Australia and China in the area of energy science and engineering, focusing on both renewables and fossil fuels.

The objectives of the entre will be achieved through:

  • joint research
  • exchange of samples
  • shared use of major research facilities
  • exchange of staff and students
  • a joint symposium involving a wide range of Australian and Chinese energy scientists and engineers
  • research outputs, such as joint publications, patents and new products

Economic, environmental and social benefits

  • Economically competitive renewable energy technologies to increase the contribution of renewable energy to our future energy supply mix.
  • Cost-effective clean coal technologies to allow Australia and China to continue to take advantage of coal as a cheap energy source.
  • Potential for greatly decreased CO2 emissions in Australia and China.
  • Potential for improved energy security for Australia and China.
  • Potential for unprecedented levels of regional and rural development in Australia and China.


Lead Australian Partner: Curtin University of Technology

Lead Chinese Partner: Taiyuan University of Technology

Other partners:

  • Monash University
  • China Huadian Electric Research Institute
  • National Institute of Clean and Low-Carbon Energy.
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